Here is link to good clear way to see the "Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act". The Public Comment period has ended, but the problems with this Act remain. The Food and Drug Administration has already outlawed openly-flavored cigarettes---though many other flavorings remain ignored.

Comments there are not the official comments to the FDA. For that you would have gone to "Federal Register FDA tobacco"...(click or Google that phrase).
You can read the act at links provided there

See how this legislation may reduce nicotine, the reason for smoking tobacco, to as little as an ineffective trace. You'll have to smoke FAR far far more cigs to get the effects....and you'll have to spend far far far more money.

The Act Forbids the FDA from doing anything about all the 450 or so tobacco pesticides and their residues, though most "smoking related" diseases are identical to symptoms of exposures to pesticides....especially the dioxin-emitting chlorine chemicals.
By ignoring all "farm" areas, it will also ignore certain phosphate tobacco fertilizers that leave carcinogenic levels of radiation in typical cigarettes.

The FDA has just (July 2010) forbidden the labeling cigarettes as "natural" or "organic" or "additive free" because that would indicate a Safer Cigarette...something the FDA doesn't want to hear about. That would indict the UNSAFE Cig makers with all their pesticides, burn accelerants, cancer causing radioactive fertilizers and so forth. The FDA is, effectively, a branch of the chemical/chlorine industry...not really a Public Interest Agency.

So...the FDA will all but remove the medicinally beneficial nicotine, except for a trace (because the FDA is about "drugs" and, with no "drug" presence, they'd be out of the tobacco game), and it will ignore the most harmful parts...the pesticides, their residues, and that phosphate fertilizer. It may even ignore dioxin-delivering chlorine-bleached cigarette paper. The Act doesn't say...but maybe paper is considered an Agricultural Product...from trees...and off their table.

Can smokers some day say "We do NOT want chlorine-contaminated, Dioxin Delivering cigarettes!"? Can't we have just plain tobacco? No one seems to have yet studied the health effects of that....except for the health benefits, that is, for alertness, stress relief, appetite suppression, digestive relief, etc. Even the Pentagon admits to the Stress Relief points in letting soldiers continue smoking. FDA pretends to not know about that.

The FDA and Congress have wised up. Alcohol Prohibition failed because they Prohibited Beer and Wine and Liquor etc....and too many people wanted it thus causing a Crime Epidemic. This Time they are smarter. They'll just virtually eliminate the important part...the nicotine. In Alcohol Prohibition, they didn't think to just Lower the Alcohol Content of beer and liquor and wine. You could still drink...but....why bother?

This FDA law is a wholesomely-painted cynical atrocity that may be a violation of law in itself. After all, it is tool to help the Cigarette Industry and its suppliers and insurers and investors evade potentially astronomical liabilities and penalties for what they've done to tobacco, and to defrauded smokers who believed and are still told they're just using tobacco.

One is advised to contact their Congressional representatives to raise the problem issues and to ask for new legislation, and repeal of this one.