John le Carré on SPIKED TOBACCO.

Writer John le Carré, in explaining why he chose Big Pharma as the worst of the three worst Corporate entities as the subject of his best seller, "The Constant Gardener", wrote the words below. The other industry was Big Oil.

" I might have gone for the scandal of spiked tobacco, designed by Western manufacturers to create addiction and incidentally cancer in Third World communities already plagued with AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and poverty on a scale few of us can imagine."

Note he says "spiked tobacco", not just "tobacco". Note also the words "designed" (not "harvested"), and "manufacturers" (not "growers"). This is not about some traditionally used's about an industrial concoction.

Mr. le Carré could have gone on to note that Big Oil and Big Pharma are part and parcel of the Spiked Cigarette industry because of their many tobacco pesticides and, in the case of Pharms again, because of all sorts of non-tobacco cigarette additives such as preservatives, artificial sweeteners, extracts, flavors, scents and so forth.

Beyond that, Big Pharma and Big Oil are massive users of chlorine, the source of dioxin...a component of smoke from chlorine-contaminated cigarettes. Interestingly, many (if not most) so-called "smoking related" diseases are identical to known effects of dioxin exposure.